How do we work for you?

Our goal is to enhance your organisation’s digital performance. With pro tem in-house support or strategic advice. But how do we manage to provide the digital expertise you need? How do we find the digital marketer with the right skills?

Well, we don’t act with undue haste. We follow a tried-and-true procedure that identifies the best professional for the job.


What are the challenges? What do you need? What area of your online marketing could do with a power boost? We explore all these questions and more in an intake interview.


Once your online marketing improvement opportunities and goals have been identified, we draw up a plan and a profile of the ideal candidate.


Based on the hard and soft skills your digital marketer needs to have, we select the candidate with the right (senior or junior) profile and the right competences.


We maintain close contacts with our professionals and speak with you and your team on a monthly basis to verify that everything is going well.

We stay in contact

We keep the communication channels open after our digital expert has started working for you. That is important – for you and for our professionals. They work for most of the week on site, with one day back at our offices.


That ensures our professionals stay up to speed on the latest advancements in the communication industry. They share experiences with their colleagues in the D’M&S communication group, draw inspiration and follow courses and trainings to refine and enhance their skills.

In short, we fully charge them during the day to give their best during their time with you!

Need a professional on site?

Let’s meet. With you, we examine the most suitable profile for your team and
ways to power up your digital marketing most effectively.

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